Optometry Services

Our eye examinations utilize automated refractors and tonometers to ensure accuracy and reliability. We also offer computerized visual field testing and digital eye photography as optional tests. Our staff of optometric technicians will help you with different aspects of your visit so that all of your visual needs and questions are answered.

If you need an examination for glasses or contact lenses we take our time in helping you determine what will best meet all of your needs. If you do not need glasses or contact lenses we encourage you to have regular eye examinations to make sure your eyes and vision stay healthy.

If you are completing an examination for contact lenses, we offer the latest in high-tech lenses including soft contact lens bifocals and soft contacts for astigmatism. We carry many contact lenses in stock, including a large inventory of gas permeable lenses. For your convenience, we can have lenses sent to your home.

If you are completing an examination for glasses, our full service optical and experienced staff can help you select the perfect frame and lenses.


Please call our office or check with your insurance carrier. Please bring a photo ID and a copy of your insurance card to your appointment.

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